Why MORE African-Americans Should Arm Themselves (Video)

Thursday, October 12, 2017 by

What do you call a black man with a gun? “A CITIZEN,” explains the Health Ranger, who encourages more African-Americans to arm themselves as legal gun owners.

Podcast Transcript: “African-Americans are arming up with more firearms ownership for their self-defense and I think it’s a great thing. Thanks for listening. Mike Adams here, the Health Ranger. Editor of NewsTarget.com and publisher of Guns.news – as well as Gear.news. I think that everybody has a second Amendment right and that it should be a universal right – globally frankly. But I love to see African Americans in America, who are legally acquiring guns for their safety. They are learning how to use them, they’re training on them, they’re getting concealed carry permits and they are working to defend their homes and their communities, their cities and their nations, against criminal elements – regardless of what color those elements might be. I think it’s great. I mean some people might be alarmed if they’re not a big picture thinker and they just hear the news “black people are getting more guns”… no I have a different view on that. What do you call a black man with a gun? I call him a citizen. To me a black man with a gun – a legal gun, legally acquired – is a citizen. That’s somebody who we should encourage and welcome to get armed, trained and become part of the solution for preventing violence, preventing lawlessness and preventing you and your family – or your community – from being preyed upon by criminal elements of society…” Listen to the full podcast below:

Learn more at Guns.news or GEAR.news

Why MORE African-Americans should arm themselves from NaturalNews on Vimeo.


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